I see some of your pictures that I just love, is it okay for me to copy & paste and use them at my leisure?

Unfortunately, this is not okay.  It is actually stealing and against copyright policies. If you are interested in using any of my photographs, please contact me directly for terms of use and pricing for digital or prints. 

I love your work, will you photograph my wedding?

Maybe.  While I do not specialize in traditional wedding and large reception weddings, I do, on occasion, offer services for small wedding ceremonies.  If this sounds like you, let's talk!  If you'd like a referral for a wedding photographer, just say the word.

I'm really torn between several of the package options, how should i choose?

When considering your package option, keep in mind that the more time we spend together, the more of a variety of photos you will have to choose from.  We will also have more flexibility for outfit and location changes.  Also, if you are hoping to accomplish several things (individual, group, multiple combinations etc.), then a longer session is the way to go! Still not sure, let's chat.

You mentioned that the photos from our session will be posted on an online gallery? Can you explain?

I use a professional photographer online gallery to showcase your edited photos for you.  When your pictures are ready for viewing, I will send an email with information as to how you can access, download, share included images and even order professional quality prints from the comfort of your own home. 

I am nervous about my session.  What if the weather isn't perfect or the kids/dog don't cooperate?

Rest assured, we will work together to make your session fabulous.  I have a great deal of experience working with kids (remember, I am a trained school counselor), I have a genuine love of animals great and small and most weather challenges can be overcome with a location change or a little extra creativity.



IIIt is a online gallery of your edited images.  You will be able to proof, download, share your digital images, as well  order professional prints rights from this site!

I have something special in mind that doesn't quite fit any of your listed packages, how do I proceed?

Please contact me directly by phone or email so that we can talk about your special occasion or travel plans and I'll design a special package to meet your needs.

Do you have an indoor studio?

I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer, which means that I do whatever it takes to photograph outdoors whenever possible. I do not have a studio, other than the world around us.  I am happy to do your session in your home, at a local indoor spot with awesome lighting (Like Longwood Gardens Conservatory etc.) or a favorite park.  No worries, I have lots of creative ideas and we will create beautiful pictures together!

I'm worried about the weather/that my child will be fussy/my dog won't pose etc.? What can you tell me to make me feel better about our upcoming session?

I assure you that all of those things have happened and that we always find a way to make it work.  If you look through my gallery, you would never know what days were too sunny, which baby would not stop screaming or which dog would not look at the camera.  I use my ability to connect with people and animals, as well as my creativity and experience to do whatever it takes to get it right!